NJ NorthEast MeatUp 2023 hosted by Dr Lisa Wiedeman

NJ NorthEast MeatUp 2023 hosted by Dr Lisa Wiedeman
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Dr Lisa Wiedeman invites you to join her and special guests Kelly Hogan, Dr Robert Kiltz and Fred Hahn (author of best seller Slow Burn Fitness w Dr Michael Eades) and other amazing meat eaters for an extremely memorable meal.
We're all looking forward to meeting you!!!

Shark River Park
Picnic Pavillion
1101 Schoolhouse Rd, Wall Township, NJ 07753
RAIN OR SHINE - all ticket sales are final/non-refundable
12:00 to 4:00 PM Saturday 7/22/23
I guarantee you will walk away feeling empowered in a way like never before.
You will connect with other like-minded people while eating a meal of amazing meats.
You will receive some fun carnivore swag and engage with others who all have the same goal of achieving optimal health.
There will be some discussions and Q & A with Dr Wiedeman, Kelly Hogan, Dr Kiltz and Fred Hahn and an opportunity to share your carnivore experiences.
Come share laughs and conversations and selfies!
We are all looking forward to meeting you!!!

As you can imagine, this event takes quite a bit of planning and I have great things in the works for a memorable event for you.

I am fortunate to have Pat Beck of Cloverbud Ranch providing an amazing and diverse carnivore meal.
He operates New England Grass Fed LLC which raises grass-fed beef to its highest potential. His animals are rotationally grazed with no chemical input. They focus on the northern heritage breeds like cross-bred Red Devon and also the rare Pinzgauer breed of cattle.
I am working on the menu now with this amazing rancher and nothing yet set in stone, but here is the initial idea:
We will start out with some interesting tastings for the bold and brave of pickled tongue, heart tartare & heart skewers. Then, a selection of 3 different cuts of beef from the specialty Pinzgauer cattle.

Clover Bud Ranch/ New England Grass Fed LLC is offering a special discount if you pre-order meat before the MeatUp. Your order will be delivered the day of the event.
Peruse their amazing beef offerings as well as their pastured free-range organic Heritage pork available as bacon, sausage, ribs and chops.
All cryo-packed and frozen for long freezer life in top condition. They remain frozen until they reach you
They can bring custom orders that are requested in advance.
To take advantage of this offer, email them directly to request your order.
They are offering my MeatUp attendees their 20 lb. mixed Pasture Pack - 100% grass-fed Cloverbud Ranch burger, steaks and stew / braising cuts for $20 off.
$270 on website - $250 for Meat-Up attendees.
Here is the website to look at what they offer:

I am anticipating some great give aways from Carnivore Bar, Redmond salt, Carnivore Snax and Carnivore Crisps and Fancy Farm etc

I am not nor have I ever gone into these events to profit from the ticket sales.
I genuinely host these events to gather amazing carnivores together for a memorable experience.
Costs to host an event like this are not simply charging you for the meat that is on your plate. There is the venue, the rancher and his hotel stay, the caterer and the insurance the venue requires for the event to take place.
WIth the increasing costs of high quality 100% grass fed free range chemical and antibiotic free heritage breed cattle, the costs of these events is climbing and I need to charge enough so that I am not losing money to host these.
***Please understand that it is not possible to do a low ticket price and feed a large group of people (who "only eat meat") high quality carnivore foods.

So all that being said, your ticket includes the carnivore meal and some
fun swag/give-aways and some great raffled carnivore prizes.
There will be interactive discussions and Q & A’s with myself and Kelly Hogan, Dr Kiltz and Fred Hahn and possibly another one or 2 from the carnivore space.

P L E A S E N O T E:
We all know that drinking water from plastic water bottles is not healthy for our bodies.
Because of my experience in past years, I have learned it is best to have everyone bring their own beverage.
Aside from being averse to water stored and dispensed from plastic water bottles, it is not possible for me to transport the coolers and ice and water to accommodate potentially 200 drinks for 100 people over the 4 hour span of the event.
I will remind all ticket holders prior to the event to bring your drink of choice.

For those coming in for the weekend, search for hotel accommodations in nearby towns of Eatontown, Tinton Falls, Neptune, Ocean, Long Branch...there are plenty to chose from as the Jersey shore is a popular vacation destination.

Non-carnivore friends and spouses are more than welcome to attend!!!